Valkyrie Britannia Shop

Hey! long time no see,

welcome back to the new, it's been a long road since 2016 so let me walk you through it really quick. 

Valkyrie Britannia was created in September of 2016. Unhappy with her desk job that was part desk job/part warehouse, a place with loud noises and daily wear of the skin on her hands. Ayrcyia decided to take a whole week off from work, she did not have the time to take off from work but decided to take the risk of getting fired anyways. In that week from work Ayrcyia decided to try her hand at foamsmithing. Foamsmithing is just like it sounds, it's like an armorsmith or a blacksmith huddled over their workspace making art with tools. Foamsmithing uses more modern materials like EVA foam and Thermoplastics instead of metal or leather. During the week she struggled to make a helmet, everyday she spent hours trying to cut or paste items together to make a helmet to no avail. The results of that was photographed and posted to Instagram. She didn't give up. 

As time went by Ayrcyia decided that she wanted to try to make a brand, this brand wouldn't be like her other failed attempts in the past. In the past when she'd make an online artisan store it would be to make items with the purpose of selling. Ayrcyia went into Valkyrie Britannia with the purpose of only making art that she liked with no intention to sell at all. Her first successful piece was a tiara made from a pre-made tiara from a Halloween store that was decorated heavily with gems, feathers and other materials. That piece would go on to sell for $50 that went straight to her friend's GoFundMe account for her Autoammune Disease bills.

Ayrcyia's friend, Lauren who runs the successful HelloFaerie online store was a big inspiration for Ayrcyia and helped Ayrcyia a few times getting gigs for modeling photos that were paid. Valkyrie Britannia really blew up when 3 months after it was created in 2016, Ayrcyia went out on a limb and signed up for Maker Faire Kansas City 2017. Her application took awhile to be accepted but once it was she was stunned. She had little to no pieces and had to push herself for 6 months straight to learn adequate Foamsmithing techniques to put on display. At this time Valkyrie Britannia still wasn't a store, it was an image she had in her mind that she wanted to create over and over. At her first public debut at the Maker Faire, Ayrcyia was offered several offers to purchase her art. It's just been an uphill climb since then.

Valkyrie Britannia has won ribbons at Maker Faires for tutorials and exhibiting artwork. The brand has sold several pieces over the years, Ayrcyia has been featured in Make: Magazine and recently was given a spot during Planet Comicon Kansas City's online feature series during Covid-19 and now VB has it's sights into making products more accessible not only to local customers in the US but to everyone in the USA and from there, hopefully, internationally.

Thank you on the recollection journey, I hope you'll come and daydream with the pieces on your visit!